Janet Yellen Blames A Federal Reserve Induced Faltering Economy on… Wait For It… Drugs!


by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:
Central planning is only good for two things. Poverty and comedy.

The stories from the Soviet Union central planners are just that. They caused abject poverty for hundreds of millions of people AND created hilarious stories about shortages of such things as right shoes. The claim was that two factories were set up, one to make left shoes, and one to make right shoes. But when the factories started in production it was discovered that both were making left shoes creating a massive shortage of right shoes.

When central planning is involved get ready for starving people and laughs galore!

Many people used to blame the poor economy in the Soviet Union, not on central planning, but on alcoholism. Forget for the moment whether people drank a lot because the economy was so bad… or if their drinking made the economy bad.

Alcoholism was an often fronted explanation for why things were so bad in the Soviet Union.

And now we have the US, or the USSA, as I call it, which has become massively centrally planned and is now a mix between communist and fascist.

And, the politburo Chief for the central planning agency of the economy, the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, has come out and blamed the poor US economy on opiate addiction!

Again, forget for the moment whether people may be taking opiates because the economy is so bad… and not vice versa.

And, forget for the moment that slurring Janet always sounds like she has just taken a handful of oxycontin.

In Yellen’s testimony before the Senate Banking Committee, she mentioned that there has been a major “decline in labor force participation among prime-age workers as a result of opioid abuse.”

Now, of course there is a major problem with opioid and heroin addiction in the US thanks to the pharmaceutical industry getting innocent people hooked on highly addictive pain medication while outlawing the pain medications that work best and are much safer such as cannabis and kratom.

But the drugs dealt to the unwitting public by drug dealers in white lab coats, called doctors, are not the root of the problem in the US economy – the problem is the central bank and the communist-style central planning that comes with it.

And, the Federal Reserve’s policy of free money and low to zero interest rates for nearly a decade now has done far more damage than the pharmaceutical industrial complex than to the economy.

And, what did Janet have to say about raising rates a modicum?

Well, according to her, having raised the rates to a lofty 1{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} level, that should be good enough.

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