In Order To Play In The Western Paper System One Must Pay Into The System, Continually…!


from Rogue Money:
Quick Overview: Once the world began a full blown transition into a global economy, the sovereign entities at the top of the heap took center stage. Competitive forces competing in a non-violent manner for business market share on the world stage is now more important than ever. To have major trade deficits with key world players is akin to putting yourself behind the curve. To put it bluntly, you are constantly playing “catch-up!”

If you happen to have the advantage of being the world’s reserve currency, like the USA, then you can “temporarily” stave off the final nail in your economic coffin. For reference, that would be the massive nail that defines a “needs” based product inflation. “ TEMPORARILY” is the operative word in the prior sentences.

Meanwhile, if one of the major sovereign players owns your paper, and is also one of your largest import sources, then you can introduce yourself to him, as he is the new “economic sheriff” in town. This fact has been conveniently hidden from the western media message of late, but nothing is different than the message was prior to it’s hibernation, except that the “new sheriff’s” position of strength just keeps improving. End of overview ……..

First I need to address a slight WG oversight in last week’s installment, one brought to remedy thanks to an astute RM reader, named Cris. The answer I sent in the comments section ties in nicely with the Hegelian Dialectic western magic act, but should have been mentioned in one of the installment’s many rants.

Thanks Cris, and that’s a great link you posted. In fact, it reminds me that I left out one of the greatest Hegelian Dialectic farces of them all with respect to the truth. And in this case the indoctrination is truly complete even among most alternative media/hard asset philosophers. I will have to put it in the next installment somewhere. To put it simply, as I have stated on V’s show at least 3 times…….

Gold & silver doesn’t cost anything. Except the premium. The indoctrination of it having a market price tied to it is a joke, especially since the PHONY market is one of the star actors in the “HD” play on stage. GSBC’s are not a “lawn mower or car or some other purchased product.” As not one of those can be taken abroad, at least not very easily, and used as real money to purchase some form of goods & services. I can take GSBC’s to almost any corner of the globe and make a purchase with it, can we say the same thing about the dollar? Hell, if I was a dude from Spain or any other nation, and I came to the US and visited some “exchange window,” I would be nervous as hell with my GSBC’s in hand, and not due to the terrorist possibilities either. Instead, it would be having to exchange my valuable money for paper crap. This “Gold costs” phrase is the ultimate in a phony magic act. In fact, it should be the reverse, and it actually was less than a century ago. It’s holding dollars that cost you something, not gold.

It’s an exchange, fiat paper to real money period: from bad to good or from weak to strong, or from not so well recognized to internationally recognized ….Gold doesn’t cost 12 or 13 hundred and silver doesn’t cost 16 or 17 bucks, that’s the exchange value for something I can use as money nearly anywhere in the world, period.

The system has trapped our minds, literally within our language and dialect. Hey I stepped into “one,” hence the Hegelian Dialectic…..WG

Primary Titled Subject Matter Intro: Recently I had a illuminating conversation with a former competitor within the financial products sales circuit. He was surprised that I had given up my license, especially after the time and “MONEY” spent to earn some really cool initials after my name. “CFP, CLU, ChFC,” which they mean what? Not a damned thing, that’s what.

What I liked to tell people was, they were on my stationary and business cards to keep the vampires from getting in the way of closing a deal. Meaning, if a potential client doesn’t have the classic excuse of “I need to check with my wife/husband” available, then you may have to meet their on demand vampires, “attorneys, cpa’s, and possibly some others with big meaningless name plates.” Sometimes these sorts of professionals can be really uninformed, obnoxious know-it-alls, but thanks to my cool initials they can become more agreeable. So how does that tie into this title?

Thanks to our conversation it occurred to me that in order to play I had to pay, and pay a plenty. And upon further reflection, it was obvious that I wasn’t the only one. In fact, we have all been feeding the welfare whores at the government trough ever since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, courtesy of the famous 1910 meeting in Jekyll Island. But the trough is drying up, and it’s just another sign of the unstoppable King Dollar demise, which is all that matters to us. We tally up some more facts based in truth to inspire actionable efforts on the home front, more after the news……..

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