How To Build A Nested Faraday Cage – Protect your Electronics From An EMP


from Reality Survival:


  1. Not bad, but the carpet and wax paper do nothing to mitigate energetic particle flux. They actually inhibit the neutralization of the electrons. Now you are in my speciallty.

  2. Not if you electromagnetically couple the inner cage with an ambi-helical Schwartz adapter, then it works just fine.

    • Indeed. Try to be more careful next time.
      In all seriousness since this is your specialty, I have been wanting very much to construct or purchase a solar generator. You know the kind, panel(s), charger, batteries, inverter and all that packaged up in a portable box of some kind.

      I have seen advertised “EMP hardened” solar generators. But it seems to be only the box. I have not been able to find any definitive answer as to whether or not the panels themselves would be damaged.

      What is your opinion?

  3. Great question. It is nearly impossible for the solar panels, charger, inverter etc to be damaged by an EMP, unless they are directly connected to the electric grid, using a grid tie inverter. The portable system you are thinking about purchasing is referred to as an “island system”. It is a stand alone system and is not in any danger of being destroyed, if we have an EMP or Carrington type event. An EMP event will use any means necessary to ground the energetic particles coming in from space. Your portable solar generator should not be earth grounded, and will be small potatoes, so the particles will not attack it and form a current, which is simply a magnetic field. Nothing to worry about.
    The same applies to automobiles. It is very unlikely they would be damaged. However, anything that is connected to the grid will stand a good chance of being burnt to a crisp, because the grid is of course grounded. There are many idiots and wan-a-be engineers giving very bad advice to people. I have seen countless idiotic prepper videos on the subject. If we were to have an unimaginably strong Carrington style event that did damage island systems, we would all be dead anyway.

    • Thanks for the information, that is interesting.
      But also disheartening in the sense that I would potentially have a nice little solar generator to make power, but no viable appliances or electronics to receive said power.

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