“Gun Free Zones” In Ohio May Be A Thing Of The Past Soon!


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
In Ohio, House Representatives have made strides in pushing back against the unconstitutional demands that make victims of us all called “Gun Free Zones.” They have passed a bill that would allows those with concealed carry permits to ignore “Gun Free Zones,” something that we should be doing anyway under the protections of the Second Amendment.

HB 233, referred to as the Decriminalization Effort for Ending Notorious Deaths Act, provides for those who are either in the military or those with concealed carry permits could not be found guilty over violating areas claimed as “Gun Free.”

The measure passed the Ohio House on Thursday with strong Republican support by a vote of 65-31.

“The bill decriminalizes so-called ‘gun free’ zones for concealed handgun license holders,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. John Becker (R-Clermont).

The measure had strong Republican support.

What’s most amazing is the fact that it took a 46-page bill to simply say what needs to be said due to all the changes it will make in the current laws.

Guns.com reports:

The proposal’s language protects CHL holders and military members found carrying a weapon in a gun-free zone from arrest and prohibits law enforcement from seizing their guns or ammunition. However, if asked to leave they must comply under threat of a fourth-degree misdemeanor criminal trespass charge, which can result in 30 days in jail and fines of up to $250.

The bill also removes daycares from the list of places that must post gun-free zone signs and modifies posting requirements for airports and government buildings, as well as decriminalizes carrying firearms into a liquor establishment.

The bill is receiving support from both local and national gun owner rights organizations.

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action encouraged NRA members to support the bill.

However, there was opposition to the bill.

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