Globalism Is In Freefall Collapse


from The Alex Jones Channel:


  1. “Globalism Is In Free-Fall Collapse”?
    We can ONLY hope so. In related news (the Founders of the Trilateral Commission):

    David Rockefeller (1915-2017)
    Zbigniew Brzezinski (1928-2017)

  2. I wonder which (((tribe))) Howard Stern belongs to? Oh, that’s right ~ the same tribe that controls EVERYTHING in the West, via their BANKS, OIL COMPANIES, & LEGIONS of Ashkenazi-Khazars, British-Israelites, Freemasons, ZION-ist “Christians”, LIB-TARD Socialist/COMMUNISTS, FEMINISTS, and all the rest who either knowingly, or unknowingly serve the same (((tribe))) and it’s “Jew” World Order.
    History proves it. Oh, is that politically incorrect? Of course it is ~ it’s the same (((tribe))) behind political correctness. Look into/investigate EVERY form of activism ~ you’ll eventually discover the (((tribe))) and their minions behind it all.

  3. 106 MILLION WHITE, CAUCASIAN, NON-“JEW”-ISH SOLDIERS & CIVILIANS DEAD, as the result of the “Jew”-ish orchestrated WWI & WWII (to bring about a new “Jew”-ish “Homeland” in Palestine) ~ not to mention the TENS OF MILLIONS (66 MILLION, PER NOBEL LAUREATE ALEKSANDR SOLZHENITSYN) Orthodox Christian ~ Russian ~ Nobles & Peasants slaughtered by the Western International Central Bankers (Jacob Schiff, & Paul & Max WARBURG) via their foot-soldiers Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin (1917-1953).
    And still, today, the (((tribe))) cries alligator tears over the claimed “6 Million” & the HOLLOW ~ HOAX! Read the book THE HOLOCAUST HOAX EXPOSED: DEBUNKING THE 20TH CENTURY’S BIGGEST LIE, by Victor Thorn (which, amazingly, can be obtained for as little as $25, including shipping & handling, on-line, via Texe Marrs’ website. Often, it takes more than a mere $25 (of time and/or labor) to get at the TRUTH.

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