Getting Down to Business


from Rogue Money:
“Today, Chinese-Russian relations have entered the best period of their development. This is a result of the long-term efforts of both sides. As they say, “the more people put twigs into the fire, the brighter its flame.” — President Xi Jinping, Moscow, July 4, 2017

Presidents Putin and Xi held a joint news conference on July 4th. The signing of agreements and deals that link arms between the two countries in the new Silk Road world is nothing new. But this time it is apparent that business leaders from both the private and public sectors are being woven even more strongly into the silk.

I did chuckle at Putin’s backhanded smack to CNN and the #FakeNews virus that continues unabated in the West. Dozens of media leaders of the two countries were present in the audience. The Russian president reminded us all of the vital need that can be filled when news is reported “promptly and efficiently,” with “verified information.” {Heavy sigh … how long has it been since we have had “verified information” in an American MSM outlet? Children are being born this year who don’t even know what that is.}

A transcript of the two presidents’ remarks are found at the Kremlin’s website [linked here]. Here are Putin’s remarks about mainstream news:

It is significant that this meeting is attended by representatives from the media and various media-related organisations from the two countries. They contribute greatly to building an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding, and strengthening the international positions of Russia and China. They report, promptly and efficiently, verified information on the politics, the economy and the history of our countries, the lives of Russian and Chinese citizens to the global community.

The Moscow agenda yesterday included a 68-billion-yuan investment fund announcement, established jointly by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the China Development Bank (CDB). According to Sputnik, the agreement implies that the new fund would contribute to direct investments within the framework of China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy.

Representatives from Russia’s and China’s media industries were present at these proceedings in Moscow. It was further announced that Russia’s Katyusha television channel would be coming to China as well as “a new modern animated television series featuring popular Russian and Chinese animated characters.” What’s not to love about that? “So, America, not only do we not need your Dollar; we also don’t need your cartoons!” Ouch. It’s easy to see how the #OneBelt initiative is just as interested in re-shaping Eurasian culture as it is with launching a new era of prosperity.

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