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Mitch Feierstein returns to SGT report with an urgent warning, get ready for the free fall collapse. “We are in a euphoric bubble blow off top.”

Mitch explains, “I’ve been talking about the Swiss national bank intervening in the equities markets along with the European central bank buying corporate bonds, which allows companies to buy their stocks back, which pushes the markets even higher, inflating the bubbles. It’s a bubble machine. How could anything go wrong in an environment like this when you have unlimited money printing going on? Bad things happen when you print money..”

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  1. God I hope so… this is getting tedious waiting for teh inevitable, having all the Kardashian/Dancing With the Stars, sub-80 IQ hip-hop listening crew saying *WE* are the ones who are “crazy”!

    • It’s just going to be annoying seeing the denial turn into anger turn into bargaining turn into depression on everyone’s face while they struggle to stay afloat after their pensions and home equity evaporate.

    • Damn straight! Unfortunately for the top-callers, we could see DOW 40k before we see a major crash. QE 1-3 was a metric fuckton of money and a lot of it is still sitting on the sidelines. Can’t have the Boomers getting too uppity when they’re about to start taking mandatory distributions, after all.

      • Yeah but do you really want to chase these markets? Get in. Get out. Lock in profits. But it’s still overdue for a large correction of 15-25{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}.
        One boomer just told me he sold all his Silver. His kids don’t want it. It will never go back up. And Silver has no industrial use while other metals can replace it. lol.

        Based on my experience with Boomers, there could be a potential market in bullshit and cheap tricks.

      • I was a young sucker and got sucked into the bubble back around ’00. Thankfully, I wasn’t rich enough to lose big in it but remember the sinking feeling of watching Nortel and others tank lower and lower.
        Then in 2008 I watched the same kind of mania happen all over again and started getting interested in what’s actually going on “under the hood” with this stuff.

        Now in 2017 fonestar is like Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend and I “won’t get fooled again”.

          • Your silver is going to wind up priced in digital Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, etc… I just checked my analog watch and it’s still going clockwise, forward. Nobody is going back to 1971, fax machines, telegram messages, reel-to-reel, Polaroid film, etc.
            Only a geezer MORON in a country filled with geezer MORONS would bet against the future happening.

          • By then Bitcoin will only be able to process about 3 transactions a day. Strange that you never said you liked all these other cryptojewcurrencies before. My Silver is not for sale. But if you hurry you might be able to find a precious metals dealer who will accept Bitcoin before it crashes again.

        • Surprised you didn’t see this potential problem in advance.
          “The first thing you need to know is what, exactly, is wrong with bitcoin as it is now. The short answer is that it’s way too slow. Bitcoin’s current blockchain technology can only facilitate, at most, seven transactions per second. Other financial systems, like credit and debit card networks, regularly handle about 1,700 transactions per second, and have the power to handle 56,000 per second if pushed.”

  2. Notice Mitch said something important here… “if I don’t understand a market, I stay away from it.” …and that’s a practical position to take. Calling everything you don’t understand “a ponzi” or “a scam” just makes you look like a moron.

    • Staying out of and not standing under a satoshi scam in the first place makes one stack real tangible wealth.

        • Not an argument. What part of not understanding how Bitcoin is a total scam do you think I don’t already know? And what part of REAL, TANGIBLE, or WEALTH do you not understand?
          I’m still awaiting for your offer on my golf clubs and magic beans. I don’t accept Bitcoin.

        • While your back & forth banter does provide “comment liquidity”, it adds nothing of value to any conversation, especially the “bitcoin vs hard assets” religiosity.

  3. If history is any gauge of the future, there is a 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} chance the gov. will confiscate PM’s during the mac-daddy financial crisis that awaits all of us. They will immediately revalue the PM’s higher and you will loose all real gains you were hoping for. It’s still better than holding paper money though. Except for the fact you could be arrested for failing to turn over your PM’s. This is something that Peter Schiff and other guru’s conveniently fail to mention to their flock. Peter Schiff, Mike Maloney etc could’t give a fuck about saving you from a market crash. They are in business to sell and hype gold and silver.

    • Gold and silver have never been confiscated in the US. In 1933, gold was not 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} confiscated, it was nationalized. The two are completely different. People were ordered to turn over their gold for federal reserve notes at full face value and then once the government got all the gold they could get out of the people, they devalued the dollar by 70{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}. Also, countries who actually did confiscate gold and silver never really went after people’s jewelry. But the government has no reason to confiscate gold and silver now because its no longer part of the monetary system. Do you know how expensive the logistics would be to try and go out and confiscate a few coins from the small amount of Americans that may or may not even have it? They would spend more money doing it than its worth. Confiscation will not happen until gold and silver prices have shot to the moon anyway, so by then you could just trade the metals for real estate or whatever other asset is undervalued at that time

    • Do you really think the gov will try to confiscate gold and silver after it was legalized again under Reagan?There is absolutely nothing pointing in that direction.Also,are they going to confiscate it from a billion Chinese,the Russians and over a billion Indians! Don’t place any bets on any of that.And how are they going to come for it,door to door?They’ll be coming for people’s survival food and guns before looking for any gold and silver.There aren’t enough Americans that hold either to bother with the effort.And yes you go to a bullion dealer to trade FRN’s for bullion just like you go to a car dealership to trade FRN’s for a depreciating item like a car or truck.Each is a personal choice.

  4. Make up your mind Paul T. Your post is full of conflicting comments and inacuracies. They can and they will take it. Just wait.

    • While anything is possible, you are just spreading F.U.D. Back in 1933, Americans held an estimated 10{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} or more of their wealth in gold. NOT ANYMORE. 124 million ounces or 3,857 tons were confiscated (or at least melted down), according to this report:
      In the grand scheme of things given today’s paper assets and lack of physical gold wealth investments, confiscation would net the government far, far less and would be negligible. WHY BOTHER?

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