Free Your Mind! The Importance Of Meditation, Not Medication, In Today’s ADD World


from Jeff Berwick:


  1. Jeff is trying I give him credit.But meditation does not “control” your mind. The process has been known as Spiritual Liberation for thousands of years.
    It’s the Universe’s joke on the elites you might say.
    Karma is real! If that one issue was understood in humanity we would all see how insanely destructive the elites habits are to themselves. They acquire nothing of real value and create massive amounts of Karma. The word means “action”. Equal and opposite reaction etc.
    You reap what you sow.
    It is not rocket science.
    Proper Meditation releases stress in the physiology at a Karmic level. It effects your central nervous system quieting it down bringing peace and Spiritual Bliss.
    We seek pleasure through our external senses. We have internal senses as well enlivened by meditation. In time they compete for your attention. Outward desire thins out.
    What you with your days are up to you. Rich or poor matters less but your goal don’t go away.
    A great quote from Vasistha (a well known Great Saint)”Effortless meditation on the Self is the highest form of Meditation”.
    From the “Concise Yoga Vasistha” .

  2. Meditation is great, but I would add SELF-EDUCATION, because even if you meditate, if all that is going into your brain on a continual basis is mainstream garbage ~ then, your mind will still be unable to separate the truth from all the lies/fiction.
    A person needs to be able to think like a true journalist ~ using the TRIVIUM ~ 1) Grammar, 2) Logic, 3) Rhetoric, in order to EVER arrive at anything resembling truth.

  3. In order to FREE your mind (via self-education) you need to start with an OPEN mind, as well, and go where the strands of truth take you. You need to be able to remember key details, and then integrate new key truths (details) into what you’ve already learned.
    True knowledge is not simply being able to recite encyclopedically a long list of single data-points ~ it’s being able to INTEGRATE all those single data points into one big picture ~ that makes sense of all those single data points.

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