Former Ambassador Warns ‘The Day Of Reckoning Could Come Sooner Than Anyone Thinks’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:
– Council On Foreign Relations Study May Indicate A ‘False Flag Grid Down Scenario’ Is On The Horizon

While the eyes of America and the world are now rightfully set upon North Korea’s nuclear program after their latest inter-continental-ballistic-missile test was called a ‘game changer’ while it was determined it would have been able to hit Alaska, we take a look at what could be a far bigger and more imminent threat in North Korea’s ‘elite cyberwarfare’ units. ‘Elite hackers’ who’ve already proven themselves capable of hacking into major banks and capable of bringing down nuclear power plants and electrical grids.

While US bombers recently carried out a show of force exercise over South Korea as detailed in this NBC news story while also carrying out tests upon their THAAD missile defense system, as we read in this story from the NY Times and hear in the 2nd video below, according to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, hackers have been targeting US nuclear facilities.

And while currently, a hacking group with alleged ties to the Russian government (of course!) is being blamed, we take a look here at why those attempting the hacking are more likely tied to North Korea (or those trying to blame a future false flag upon them).

According to Ambassador Henry F. Cooper, appointed by President Ronald Reagan as Deputy United States Negotiator for Defense and Arms for negotiations in Geneva, North Korean dictator Kim dreams of turning out the lights upon America and his ‘elite cyber hacking units’ may have been behind blackouts earlier in 2017 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Cooper warns us that “the day of reckoning could come sooner than anyone thinks”.

As we hear in the 1st video below featuring Steve Quayle along with Alex Jones from Infowars, we should be watching very closely for a potential ‘false flag’ tied to North Korea in the future. Also discussing why the blame for North Korea’s nuclear program in the first place could be laid directly at the feet of none other than ‘Billy-bob’ Clinton, we hear why we need to dig much deeper than the news we’re getting from the msm on North Korea, especially considering the recent CFR study outlined below.

According to one North Korean defector, the people that make up North Korea’s ‘elite cyberhacking units’ are handpicked, pampered ‘elite’ and starting at the age of 17, are given some of the world’s very best training in hacking. As we see outlined in these linked stories, besides banks, electrical power stations and nuclear power plants are some of their specialties.

In this May 22nd of 2017 story over at Reuters they report upon North Korea’s Unit 180, calling it “the cyber warfare cell that worries the West”, while warning that they could have been responsible for the recent ‘WannaCry’ ransomwear cyber attack that infected more than 300,000 computers around the world. Also reporting that Unit 180 hackers are spread throughout the world so as not to leave a trace of their attacks back to NKorea, it’s also been reported that as far back as the 1990’s, North Korean ‘sleepers’ had infiltrated America with plans of terrorizing US cities and attacking our nuclear power plants should war between North Korea and the US have broken out.

And while we certainly understand the concern about North Korea’s nuclear program, especially after analysts recently spotted ominous cone-like tips indicating their new long-range missile could avoid US interceptors while launching multiple warheads, as we read in this story from Paul Bremmer over at WND, an EMP or cyber attack that takes down our electrical grid for a lengthy period of time will be much more devastating to America overall than one successful nuclear weapons attack.

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