For $15 You Can Build The Perfect Backup Air Conditioner


by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:
Everyone has the same pressing need in the summertime. They all want to stay cool, which is a cinch for the most part. In the modern world, keeping the temperature low indoors is usually as easy as a click of a button or a turn of the knob.

However, everyone should have some kind of backup plan for their AC needs. You never know when the power will go out, or your air conditioner will break. That may sound like a trivial matter. It’s the sort of issue that makes snide people groan and say, “1st world problems, am I right?” But you should take the heat seriously, because hundreds of Americans die from heat related causes every year. So you should always have an alternative for your standard AC unit.

Fortunately, those alternatives don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you might already have everything you need to make an air conditioner, lying around your home. Check out this DIY cooler, which consists of nothing more than a fan, a styrofoam ice chest, and a piece of PVC pipe. It can even be powered by a solar panel.

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  1. Unfortunately, you gotta feed that cooler with bags of ice. Ice doesn’t grow on trees in the hot summertime.
    When the ice has melted, then it’s just pushing out warm, HUMID air from all the melted ice that just keeps getting warmer and warmer.

    When the grid goes down, and if you don’t have “earth tubes” installed (backhoe needed), then you’re gonna be using a hand held spritzer bottle and spray yourself with a mist of water, wipe your face with a rag, and hope for a cool breeze. (if you’ve got a roof full of solar panels, then you’re doing it right.)

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