EMP or CME Imminent? Govt & FEMA Prep For The Big One! Drills, Executive Orders…Are You Prepared?


from Lisa Haven:


  1. Ghee, it will be an EMP (from whomever) and our lying government will call it a CME or a NK-EMP).
    War is good for business and the Dollar.


  2. More EMP bullshit from Lisa Hodges, and her guest. The US, Russia, Great Britain conducted hundreds of atmospheric atomic and nuclear tests with no ill effects to any electrical or communications systems what so ever. As I have stated in previous articles, it would take hundreds of these weapons concentrated in a small geographic area to cause even a small disturbance. It is quite easy to trace the origin of the weapons, therfore such an attack would be a suicidal endeavor. A CME is a totally different matter. Depending on the strength and duration of the CME, it could easily be a Life Extinction Event. EMP or CME, any electrical appliance NOT connect to the grid would likely survive, if anyone is still alive to use them. This includes automobiles, hand held appliances etc. What is being told to the public is simply not true.
    BTW- I spoke to the gentleman from Sol-Ark. His company has no empirical data proving their product is EMP hardened. I felt bad afterwards for embarrassing him. But not that bad.

    • Agree about more bullshit from Lisa….she must not be religious, God definitely does not want you to bullshit people….its lying!

  3. From http://science.howstuffworks.com/e-bomb2.htm
    “This idea dates back to nuclear weapons research from the 1950s. In 1958, American tests of hydrogen bombs yielded some surprising results. A test blast over the Pacific Ocean ended up blowing out streetlights in parts of Hawaii, hundreds of miles away. The blast even disrupted radio equipment as far away as Australia.”

    From https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/high-altitude-nuclear-explosions-dangerous-but-not-for-reasons-gingrich-cites/

    “These electrons, once they reached ground, would indeed disrupt sensitive electronic equipment. But only that equipment within direct line-of-sight of the blast—taking out a city, perhaps, not a continent.”

    From http://www.thespacereview.com/article/1549/1

    “For a large device (greater than 100 kilotons), significant EMP fields will be induced out to the tangent radius: i.e., the whole region on the Earth’s surface which is within line-of-sight to the high-altitude explosion will experience the EMP pulse. For instance, a detonation at 100 kilometers will expose a circular region of radius 1,120 kilometers on the earth’s surface to the pulse, and a 40-kilometer detonation will expose a region of radius 710 kilometers.”

    “Serious long-lasting consequences of a one-kiloton EMP strike would likely be limited to a state-sized region of the country. Although grid outages in this region may have cascading knock-on effects in more distant parts of the country”

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