Eating 28 Year Old US MRE 1988 MRE Corned Beef Hash Vintage Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test Review


from Steve1989MREInfo:


    • @F16, I also enjoyed watching this (and a few other MRE testers), and then I got suckered into watching “Chinese woman tries American Chinese restaurant food”, etc.
      It’s good to know that so many preserved foods can still be safe and even enjoyable long after their standard “freshness dates”. Our lives, someday, may depend on consuming out of date items.

      She really hated American Chinese Buffet, but at a family owned Chinese restaurant, she liked the “Beef & Broccoli”, but her all time favorite was the “5 Guys burger” and fries!!!

      Many of those “Food videos” of AMericans in foreign countries eating the local food, and foreigners trying American foods, are very funny to watch. And I always learn a bunch of things I never knew.

      Myself? I’m not a very big “food experimenter”, but I’ve had all the “typical” stuff (Italian, & Mexican & Chinese).

      I don’t care much for authentic German or Russian foods. And most of the authentic Polish foods are nothing to get excited about. It used to drive me crazy trying to find a decent pizza or hamburger inside Lithuania. It’s gotten much better since the early 2000’s.

      Lithuania sits next to Poland, Germany & Russia, with large percentages of those peoples, and the cuisine is authentic for all those groups. Germans & Poles have some good sausages etc, and some pastries too. Various chocolates are excellent, many ice creams are often underwhelming (but it’s nice when you find a winner).

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