Pavlov’s Dogs and the Lunatic Left


by Matt, SGT Report:
Mankind has discovered many things by accident. Penicillin, Microwave Ovens and Coca Cola for starters and so it goes with the story of Ivan Pavlov, a Russian scientist in the late 19th century. Pavlov was studying the salivation in dogs in response to being fed.

The intention was to monitor the salivation when he noticed that dogs would begin their salivation whenever he entered the room, whether he was bringing them food or not. It’s said that initially he thought this was something of a nuisance.

What Pavlov came to understand was that there were some things that a dog does not need to learn. This was ‘hard wired’ into the dog.

Modern Psychologists have coined the term Unconditional Response to describe the effect.

Thus the dogs have an unconditional response (salivate) to the the unconditional stimulus (the food).

Pavlov went on to study that the dogs had these ‘unconditional responses’ to any items they associated with food. In Pavlov’s case this was the lab assistant. When the dogs saw his lab assistant they began to salivate even though he might not have been carrying their food. What was important was the dogs associated the lab assistant with being fed.

The reason this was an important discovery was because at one point the dogs would not have salivated at just the lab assistant. Only when they’d learned to associate his presence with food. In psychology terms, a previously neutral stimuli (the lab assistant) had become associated with with the unconditional stimulus (the food) to produce and unconditioned response (to salivate).

Pavlov then went on to use a bell as the neutral stimulus. Every time the dogs were fed he rang a bell. The dogs were salivating because of the food. After a while, he just rang the bell to get the dogs to salivate. The dogs had become conditioned.

Watch this video below to see what I mean;

What’s interesting though is it seems possible to train humans to do the same thing.

With respect to the above video, what happens when instead of firing the gun, I prod you causing anger. Thus I say ‘respect’ and then prod you. Quite quickly you might become conditioned to get angry when you hear me say ‘respect’.

At this point in the argument I’d like to bring in the topic of ‘20-30 years of media brainwashing. Over my lifetime I’ve witnessed a massive shift to the left within the media to the point where someone ever so slightly perceived as being ‘right wing’ is suddenly defined as a Nazi. The irony of course being the the Nazi Party was the party of National Socialism.

Thus I’ve noticed a growing trend in how I approach arguing with people over the last decade. I’ve stopped reasoning with them, rather choosing to argue ‘the Socratic method’ which is to just continue asking questions until a paradox becomes evident. A kind of ‘If you don’t possess the authority to do it individually how can you give that authority to someone else’ type of reasoning.

The reason for this was that the left leaning political apparatchiks seemed to think that I wanted what they thought the outcomes of my opinions were.

I’m pretty sure the average reasoning of these left wing fanatics goes something like this;

I am MORE MORAL than you. Therefore my opinions have a higher degree of morality. Therefore I’m concerned about others while you are only concerned about yourself. As you are selfish it is my duty to see that non of your arguments gain traction. Thus, if you resist my force it’s because are a bad person. Therefore I reserve the right to attack you in order keep the world from your selfishness. Thus attacking you is self defence. You must want the destructive effects of what I think will be the outcomes of your policies and you must be stopped by any means necessary.

Mainstream media has pushed this agenda of reasoning to the point of stupidity. MSM has not tried to clam situations down, it’s tried to inflame them. The Ferguson Riots and Trayvon Martin to name but two.

In Pavlovian terms the MSM conditioning has connected a differing opinion with the unconditional response of anger. Every time there is an incident that can be exploited, the MSM is there, not to relay facts and reports news but to stoke a hatred within the left.

So what has developed over the years is the connection between having an opinion that differs from the left and them getting angry that you must WANT TO CAUSE poverty or because YOU HATE BLACK PEOPLE.

The response to this type of thinking has in my opinion become, well, Pavlovian in nature.

The idea that you might want to reduce poverty with Capitalism or try to improve community relations within ethnic groups by reducing the government dependency programs seems alien to them and is never argued anymore. Take the recent case of the Bret Weinstein, professor of Evergreen State College who dared to defy a group of left wing thugs demanding a ‘black only’ day on campus

He dared to voice an opinion on this annual ‘Day of Absence’ He claimed the event was “encouraging” white people “to go away” and was “an act of oppression in and of itself.”

Nothing wrong in that you might think. Unless you happen to be one of 30 or so students who surrounded him, blocked the police from entering and threatened the governor of the college with violence for non compliance.

The left is becoming conditioned to become angry when confronted with a different opinion. They’ve lost critical thinking skills and are happy to assign your reasoning to you. Watch any of the Libertarian YouTube channels where someone challenges their reasoning and they quickly become angry and abusive.

We’ve got to the point where reason and evidence based on critical thinking skills are no longer required to win the ideas battle. All you need is some imagined ‘hate crime’ and few choice words and you have millions of instantly triggerable lunatics ready to do physical battle with anyone they’re pointed at.

The thing is, these woefully inadequate mentalities, when the great Keynesian experiment fails will blame YOU for their situation. After all, YOU WANT TO CAUSE POOR PEOPLE. They are currently in the process of giving themselves license to perform great acts violence when this all goes wrong.

Best be prepared.


  1. Pavlov was sitting at the bar of his neighborhood pub having a pint of ale when the phone rang. He abruptly stood up to leave stating “I have to feed the dog.”

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