Crypto Crazy Sunday!! (Bix Weir)


from RoadtoRoota:


  1. Crypto CRAZY alright!What is wrong with coinbase? I have been a regular user then a few weeks ago they were unable to process a small payment. Problem on their end. My acct has been shut down for weeks.
    My son opened an account, verified everything then bought 10ETH Coinbase tried to draw money out of a different account than the one they just verified? Result they took away his ETH that he got cheap???
    Now we re established with exact same bank acct and now after a week of trying to send his ID and getting rejected over and over he is just stuck.
    Ohh yes and they simply do not respond to emails….been 10 days now.
    Big banner on their site this am…..looks like they don’t have the cryptos to give back…delay, delay, delay.
    CRYPTO CRAZY HERE!!!!!!!!!

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