CNN May Be Toast, But The Globalists Are Doubling Down…


by Peter S, SGT

The voice of the people rising [in the form of Trump’s air force, his social media supporters] has defeated the globalists’ 24-7 cable news air wing (CIA News Network).  Make no mistake, though.  The battle has been joined. 

The globalists are not playing around.  Consider the following three articles:


The greatest threat facing the United States is its own president

Democrats: Did Americans help Russia hack the election?

The immensity and seriousness of these articles cannot be overstated.  Consider the two July 4 articles in the Washington Post, playing two of their most senior “cards” in their deck, Kendall and Rothkopf, Kendall asserting on the one hand that Mueller and his parallel Justice Department–SOLELY under the control of the deep state coup plotters dedicated to bringing down the duly elected president of the United States in this farcically evidence-free and entirely lawless coup that is underway–are entirely untouchable (pray tell, how can you reach that conclusion, good Mr. Kendall?); the other, Rothkopf as senior a mouthpiece of the globalists’ top visible operatives (the 6,000 highest ranking visible globalist agents) declaring the globalists’ war on this administration stating that Mr. Trump himself is the greatest danger facing the American people and our constitutional republic (when of course, the globalists themselves are, in fact are the greatest danger facing the human race, and in fact the most fearsome and unspeakably evil intraspecies predators ever faced by life on this planet).  And the third article in globalist agent Politico, shows that the deep state coup plotters will stop at NOTHING, and are now moving to the “Infowars and Mr. Trump’s social media supporters are subversives that must be dealt with now!!!” argument as their evidence-free “the Russians did it!” narrative morphs into its latest surreal, and sinister form.

But yesterday’s a day to celebrate . . .

see the attached ‘it is the end of CNN’ (and this is what Twitter looks like last evening, like a shower of meme confetti floating down from the heavens, the heavens which themselves are smiling at the defeat, today, of unspeakable evil . . . the CNN arm of the globalists mindwar psychological warfare mind control machine).

Their armies, including CNN, will be back, but they were badly beaten yesterday.

Think of the narrative that was planned in the script by the directed history programmers–for example, the two op-ed pieces in the Washington Post, by Kendall and Rothkopf, were assuredly planned months ago for this day to build the propo case for bringing down the president.  Too bad Pepe and the boys (and girls) showed up instead . . .

#CNNBlackmail Story Goes Mega Nova Viral During The MEME Reckoning


    • @Eric
      If bitcoin is not a NWO scam, it sure has all of the expected characteristics of one. What better way to usher in a radically new idea, such as a digital currency, than to have large profits suddenly available in it as bait? Governments control things OR they destroy them. There are no other options in their behavior. So far, they have not destroyed the cryptos, which they easily could do. Makes me think that they WANT the cryptos around to funnel people into them BEFORE they take them over. Stuff like this is like the Jedi mind tricks in that they work especially well on the weak minded. 😉

      • Explain how they will “easily destroy cryptos” you dumb shit? Are they going to un-invent Bitcoin? This is global distributed code and there is fuck all any government (including Trump’s) can do about it. Bitcoin is way more powerful than your shit governments.

        • Cars were a super-duper conspiracy too to make you think you could go faster. Obviously orchestrated by TPTB.
          Fucking idiot.

          • Still kicking ass on moron “stackers” who think we are heading back in time to the 1800’s.

          • It means people are trading in Dollars for Bitcoin, faster than say… Silver for example? Is that simple enough for you to grasp or should I go slower?

          • Good for them, they can get a website designed but they can’t trade in Bitcoin for groceries, gasoline, or real tangible wealth. Which central banks hold Bitcoin?
            Is this line of thinking too intelligent for you?

  1. Besides being too dumb to understand something like crypto-currencies, Sgtreport/Zerohedge readers can’t even make up a plausible sounding conspiracy theory. They don’t understand the difference between an “EXCHANGE” and a “CURRENCY”. They have no clue what the Internet is (or why it can’t be shut down). They’ve probably never used GPG, PGP, Bittorrent either. They think everything they don’t understand is “a ponzi scheme” or “a conspiracy”, which would be about 99.99999{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of all things extant. They believe only things you can touch are “real” which would put their brains back sometime before Hellenic Civilization (which postulated that all physical matter is built upon the unseen).
    Anyone who takes financial advice from such obvious, total *MORONS* should have their heads shaved, a tattoo of CAVEAT EMPTOR branded on their forehead for perpetual and eternal ridicule.

    • Which digital payment system almost brought down the entire financial system in 2008?
      If all you have is a hammer, then every problem must look like a nail.

      There are plenty of other cryptocurrencies out there which are far superior to Bitcoin. None of which are a long term store of value.

  2. I go on CNN Youtube videos, thumbs down them, and comment them as Fake news….you guys should do this also

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