Clif High’s Crypto “Clif Notes!” (Bix Weir)


from RoadtoRoota:


  1. Clifs new report is just as useless as Clifs old report. Another clown who is profiting from peoples hopes and fears. Disgraceful.

    • But hey, the new report is $85 more expensive, so it must be better, right?
      Clif’s work has far more eyes on it than ever before. If his “Bitcoin $13,000 by early 2018” doesn’t pan out, he’ll quickly become the Bo Polny of the crypto world.

    • The other thing to consider is that a lot of these smaller altcoins Clif has been recommended are very, very thinly traded markets. For example, Clif went on Greg Hunter about a month ago and recommended people buy CLOAK as a dark horse. By the end of the day, the price had jumped 300{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}.
      Was this a case of Clif’s predictive linguistics panning out, or were the 100,000 some odd people who watched that interview enough to move a tiny altcoin market? Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy…

  2. I saw this quote referring to bitcoin, from a sharp young man the other day. “When a few get something for nothing, the rest will get nothing for something”.
    I also find it interesting that Clif has deferred his predictions on silver, since his complete bullshit prediction of $600.00 silver by May 15th failed to materialize. Now he is hyping the crypto’s, because they have risen in value. People like Clif High are nothing more than con-artists and film-flam men. Like all the rest of the carnival barkers, he will be a distant, bad, memory very soon.

  3. My thought on Crypto’s:They do represent an intriguing concept,however I believe TPTB are shifting “Us” into their new paradigm,the next monetary paradigm,which will be digital currency/money,that is a certainty which can not be denied/disputed by any half thinking sheeple.
    Yes,there are those who have been making money off the crypto’s,just like all the/those early investors do,good for them.I myself have not invested any time to research them,I’m a Hard Asset Person and have the patience to wait my turn.
    I’m a believer in that The Epilogue has been written on where the Global Economy is going/headed and The Crypto’s are “What The Doctor Has Ordered” for the Paradigm Shift into a Global Digital Matrix.Once the masses have become comfortable with digital currency then the trap will be sprung.Sure there will be some that capitalize in the mean time,but all will eventually be ensnared in the dragnet.
    Yes, it may appear that the crypto’s at present are an “End Around” centralised control/government and therefore a path to freedom,but that may and in my mind will change at the appropriate time of TPTB choosing.Look,the internet and access to it right now is free,however there may/will come a time when it is not and may require paid/granted access to do any transactions/business on it.That’s when the trap will be sprung and everyone will be trapped in “Their” next Cashless Monetary Paradigm Shift”.You will be required to submit your access code to log onto “Their Internet” controlled now by The United Nations aka NWO.The Un has endorsed Bitcoin & Ethereum,isn’t that interesting!
    So, The Crypto’s may/will be a means towards an end,a Global Governance with a cashless digital currency system.All that is needed to speed up the process is the right catalyst and it would appear is right around the corner.

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