Child Trafficking is Real – We Need Your Help


by Douglas J. Hagmann, HomelandSecurityUS:
Human sex trafficking is real. Contrary to what has been reported, “Pizzagate” is real, but it has unfortunately and deliberately mischaracterized by the media to deflect from the larger issue of “Pedogate.” High-powered individuals are involved in this activity, from the rich and powerful to those in elected positions in government. Meanwhile, detractors, mockers and scoffers are busily trying to malign this reality using various deflective tactics.

As regular listeners to the Hagmann Report know, we have organized a team of investigative specialists under the Northeast Intelligence Network that are utilized in a variety of venues to expose corruption and criminality that is left uncovered by the corporate media. These investigators are some of the top specialists in their respective fields, operating anonymously as they work behind enemy lines. They selflessly volunteer their time, whether such is spent infiltrating Communist/Revolutionary groups inside the U.S., or in this case, pursuing pedophiles to expose their evil deeds.

In addition to our own team, we are blessed with the opportunity to work with Russ Dizdar’s organization at Shatter the Darkness. Russ has assembled a team that specializes in assisting and in some cases, physically rescuing Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) victims who are also the victims of child and human sex trafficking.

Russ Dizdar has been working with numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, providing them with much needed information and instruction on this issue. Russ and his team are one of the most – if not THE most knowledgeable and effective teams in existence in this topic area.

For numerous reasons, the Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) aspect that exists in adult and children sex trafficking cases is often downplayed or not addressed by law enforcement. Many police agencies, whether federal, state or local agencies lack the training, resources and capability to investigate the “religious” component of these crimes. Nonetheless, this motive is real and has been exhibited in images, postings and related symbolism relate to what is known as “Pizzagate.”

Russ Dizdar and his team have done much to educate law enforcement on the Satanic motives that result in SRA cases.

We Need Your Help

I believe that it was necessary to provide the above summary to establish the context for our request for your assistance. It is important to understand the level of depravity that exists. It is also important to note that where there is such depravity, there is also deception and deliberate misdirection.

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