Bix Weir – Good Guys vs. Bad Guys – Update


by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:
Our good friend Bix Weir joined us today for an intriguing interview. Are cryptocurrencies the final battlefield between the Good Guys (White Hats) and the Bad Guys (Black Hats). Bix believes that the blockchain is the key to restoring honesty and integrity to the financial system and human affairs. Bix informed us that Jamaica is setting up a blockchain based stock trading system that if successful may be adopted around the world. He believes that the current pullback in Crypto’s is temporary, but is extremely excited about the Litecoin’s prospects. It’s 4 times faster than Bitcoin! Let’s see if cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have the ability to lift man up from his current dismal state of existence.

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  1. Good old Bix comes up with this good guy/bad guy theme (which is about as deep as a babbling brook) with about as much proof as there is for the Loch Ness monster. Somehow he keeps getting interviewed about it, wherein he spews forth off the top of his head as if he has some sort of insight into the deep state. He’s not even an expert in his own field, for God’s sake. For years he’s been saying it’s all going to fall apart in just a few months. Wrong every time. But, hey, if fools pay him for all his BS, more power to him, I guess.

  2. Digibyte is 40 times faster then Bitcoin, 5 times more secure and has already forked to Segwit.
    Now is a great time to buy as it just got taken down. But there is much more life in it.

    Come on Bix. Aren’t you more then a salesperson?

    4 times faster? Really????

  3. Bix loser on gold/silver so like Andy Hoffman they hope crypto is the new gold,Like Bill Holder why he gets attention is mystery. They wrong 1000 days already!

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