Bitcoin Hype DEBUNKED


from TheHealthRanger:


  1. Just like a broken record,plays over the same track,again and again and again.I think everyone in the world has heard you by now,so what is your point,stick to what you know best,whatever that is.

  2. I have a friend from Boston who was a finance major in college and is in his 50’s.I sent him a text saying do you follow Ethereum?

    His response: Is she on Twitter?

    Bitcoin is so largely unknown it hasn’t hit the dictionary yet. Hedge funds not in yet pension funds not in yet. We all agree imminent currency crisis. FX markets 5 Trillion a day?
    Where is all the money going to go? If Bitcoin is in a bubble sell your gold and silver they serve the same purpose.
    Mike is a good guy out of his element.

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