BERNIE SANDERS IS RUNNING IN 2020: Bernie Sanders Will Defeat Trump if Democrats Don’t Cheat


from H. A. Goodman:


  1. Bernie in 2020?
    He’s already so old, they need to “put him out to pasture”. He’s not even the best looking horse in the glue factory! Haha.

    I wonder how many “over the hill” politicians and world elites will pass away before 2020?

    2020? Most of us are geared up for the crash to arrive quite soon. The Economist Magazine predictions for 2018 are coming fast.
    That Phoenix Coin, with the “10” on it, can also be thought of a ONES & ZEROS (computer digits)= Cyrpto currencies.

    The Web Bot reports, Venezuela going Mad Max, and Janet Yellen saying she doesn’t think we’ll see another crash in our lifetime (just like Bernanke saying “Sub prime is contained”, and Jim Cramer saying Bear Stearns is solid). Hahaha. What could possibly go wrong?

    How can SOOoo many Black Swans be piled up behind the curtain and yet things remain so quiet?

    It’s gonna be like one of those wild-life videos, where everything is calm, and suddenly, about a million birds take flight all at once. I think we’re NOT going to see a “black swan event”, but we are going to witness a “Black Swan Fukushima-Tsunami”!!!

  2. the “feel the berns” need to look at the scam his wife procured.
    simply another pack of thieves.

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