Andy Hoffman Talks Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Gold, Silver, and Nore!


from BitcoinMeister:


  1. Good interview. Andy made good comments on what is going on in the crypto world.
    Off-topic, I have been reading about Hyper Ledger, which you can see is the big banks answer to blockchain because they can create a closed system among the other big banks they do business with. They want control. The banks dare say is, Hyper Ledger is “open source”, tokenless blockchain. Blythe Masters has her hand in Hyper Ledger. So, what does that tell you? It tells me blockchain will be a force that will change everything. Which flavor of blockchain depends on the actors involved and their need for control (regulation), secrecy, or openness.

    I agree with Andy’s comments about the lack of stability in the cryptos.

    I see Ethereum as a the Ma Bell spinning off baby Bells. The value proposition of Ethereum is the Ethereum Network Protocol as the engine for new business models. This is 1990 all over again, with Market caps in the billions, which will move into trillions. Just hang on and go for the ride. It is the wild west, be sure to wear your big boy pants, this sector is not for scared money.

    Cryptocurrency is a paradigm shift in action and you will see regulatory involvement trying to shape the cryptocurrency space.

    Good to hear Litecoin will be pulled along by Bitcoin. I like Litecoin for their road map ahead and the MIT news announcement scheduled for August 1. Lite coin has been maturing in the crypto space. Also the work on the Litecoin Lightning Network will add value, along with the SegWit feature..

    Bottom line for me, diversify your investments, have your doom portfolio in place. Don’t get scared out of cryptos it is a wild ride, it would be prudent to take profits along the way.

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