America’s Public Schools are Government Indoctrination Centers


by Sarah Latimer, Survival Blog:
The following article might strike some of our readers as a bit of a rant. So if you dislike reading rants, then please just skip reading this article.

It Started With a Letter
The impetus for this article was a fairly cogent well-intentioned letter from a SurvivalBlog reader:

Dear Editor:
I am concerned about some of the information linked on your blog. I’m a Christian, an avid prepper, and a daily reader of your blog. I support your effort to make readers aware of the world around us, and the changes that we feel are to come. I do have concerns when it comes to the negative portrayal of public schools. It is easy to stereotype groups of people, but not always an accurate way of looking at them. There are individuals who believe those of us who read your blog are crazy. We are all unshaven, dirty, live in underground bunkers, wear aluminum foil hats, and hold our illegal firearms as we talk to ourselves. Is this accurate? No, it is not.

I am a public school teacher in the Midwest. I’ve devoted my life to the Lord, and try to do well by my profession. I feel that teaching is my calling from God. I try to make my students’ lives better through educating and loving them. My school is not perfect, but we do many things right. I, along with other teachers in my school, have found ways to teach our students to hopefully survive in TEOTWAWKI situations.

We have a school garden (established years before Michelle Obama made it popular); and have taught archery, gun safety, sewing, preserving food, cooking, beekeeping, and other survival skills. Many of us are preppers, and feel we should teach our skills to our students. We even take turns teaching our skills to other classrooms. For instance, I recently taught beekeeping to the fourth graders, and their teacher taught a gardening skill to my students.

We are just like many public schools, and we never make the news. Why? There is nothing newsworthy about people doing their jobs well. Who wants to read about or watch us? Ratings come from shootings, violence, and the liberal agenda. Many of us who read your blog complain about biased news coverage, but are we guilty of the same thing? I hope not. Please do not categorize all public schools and public school teachers as one, large, liberal, immoral, criminal group. It is inaccurate. Most of us do our jobs well.

I respect a parent’s right to choose the best education for his or her child. And I support those who choose homeschooling. I support those who choose private school. And I support those who choose public school.

Please continue to inform your readers, but realize that showing all public schools and public school teachers in a negative light is inaccurate. Doing so is also hurtful to those of us who do our jobs well. It is best to have a good balance of information linked to your site.

A Christian Teacher in the Public School

HJL’s Reply: My biggest concern (as a former public school teacher) is that any teacher who doesn’t recognize how the public school sets the stage to undermine parental authority and indoctrinate children doesn’t really understand the system they are part of. There are many who feel the system is benign and only taken advantage of by a few. They don’t seem to realize that we have now basically lost two generations of children, due to this system.

The educational system that drives the teaching of teachers is biased towards public school and against homeschooling and private schools. These teachers don’t realize that they themselves are a product of this indoctrination from a system that readily accepts the anti-Biblical, anti-God, and anti-family indoctrination and “normalizes” everyone.

Practically all social issues of the day can be directly traced to this undermining of the family, and the public school system plays a significant role in doing just this.

JWR Continues: I concur with HJL about the anti-Biblical, pro-statist, and uniformly liberal indoctrination of the “public” schools. I’ve mentioned this before, in a recent essay on discernment. I decided to amplify a few points.

First, Public Schools should more properly be called Government Schools–in part because that is who operates them and the ideology of what they preach: Government as our Nanny from Womb to Tomb. The Government as the Beneficent Provider. Government as the Sole Arbiter of what is Good and Just. Government as the Dictator of the Politically Correct and Incorrect. Our Government as the Sole Instructor of Morality. Government as the Dispenser of Condoms and Birth Control Pills. Government as the Molder of Young Minds. The Government as the Extractor of Taxes on Over-Achievers, Government as the Wise Instrument of Social Engineering. Government as the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of all Conservative Dissent. And in recent years: Government as the Forced Facilitator of Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Gender Equality.

Yes, Indoctrination Centers
Let’s not mince words. The government-operated schools are indeed indoctrination centers. After adopting the Prussian model of education in the mid- to late 1800s, our schools became rigidly autocratic and dogmatic. Our children were taught to respond to Pavlovian hourly bells. Curricula became dictated by State and Federal authorities. Textbook content is drafted by committee and so endlessly churned, so much so that it becomes bland vanilla. In an effort “not to offend” anyone, school texts have lost any incisive edge. Everything in public schools is geared toward The Lowest Common Denominator, so that “No Child is Left Behind”. This gradually dumbs down academic standards down to a nearly moronic level. Tests are constantly re-normed. Grades are no longer posted on bulletin boards. (Oh, no, that would be cruel.)

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