Alex Jones: “I am under criminal espionage investigation by the FBI”


from Intellihub:
Alex Jones promises to give the Democrats their “political Waterloo” over “false charges”.

Infowars founder Alex Jones learned early Tuesday that he is under “criminal espionage investigation by the FBI.”

The grim news comes following public comments made by several Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, who insinuated that Infowars may be ‘working with the Russians.’

Jones said that he learned of the news from a Federal Election Commission commissioner named Ellen L. Weintraub.

“I am under criminal espionage investigation by the FBI for taking money from Russians or Russian owned companies,” he said. “I have never gotten one scintilla of money from Russia. […] This is outrageous! I mean, they want us shut down.”

The Infowars founder said that he would be willing to testify publically before Congress.

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  1. good!!!!!!!
    he should be…for whipping up islamiphobe hysteria. his agenda as a gatekeeper is very clear. especially after his interview w/leo zagami in which he stated toward the very end that “muslims control the feral reserve.”

    pike/mazzini prophecy.

    the war is against humanity…ALL OVIT!

    division imperils us further.


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